If you want to be more efficient in your studies and work, start meditating!

Beautiful young woman doing yoga exercise by the lake. Sitting in lotus position

If you want to be more efficient in your studies and work, start meditating!

Are you confident in your ability to focus?

Have you ever lost track of your thoughts while reading textbooks or documents?
Everybody has had this kind of experience, since a person’s attention span is about 40-50 minutes.
However, if you meditate regularly and turn it into a habit, you can strengthen your ability to focus.

Effect of Meditation

・Improvement in ability to study and focus, and increased productivity.
・Improvement in sleep quality.
・Decrease in stress
・Improvement in insight and creativity
・Improvement in autonomic nerves
・Alleviation in depression, insomnia, eating disorders, addiction and other mental illnesses.
・Decrease in negative thoughts.
・Boost in immunity.
・Better control over emotions.

A study conducted with 99 nine-year-old students at a public school in British Columbia, Canada, showed the results below.
The comparison was made on the math test results between a group of students who did 3 minutes of meditation three times a day for 4 months and those who didn’t.
The former scored 15% higher compared to the latter.

How to put meditation into practice


• Sit on the floor or a chair
• There’s no rule on how to sit. You can sit on a chair or stay cross-legged on the floor. But make sure you can keep your spine straight so you can breathe deeply.
• Focus on your breath.
Relax your shoulders with your eyes closed (or you can keep them open slightly), and keep breathing with your focus only on your breath.


【1】Sit on the floor or a chair in a posture where you can breathe deeply.
【2】Close your eyes and breathe setadily.
【3】Slowly inhale for 6-7 seconds as smoothly as possible.
【4】Exhale completely for 8-9 seconds and go back to
【3】and repeat this process.
【5】Bring your focus back on your breath if it begins to wander.
【6】Continue this for as long as you can without forcing it.

When to do it?

Rather than waiting until bedtime, meditation is best done after a yoga stretch in the morning, on the way to work, during break time, or whenever you feel fatigued.
Try around 10 minutes a day starting from 3-5 minutes at a time.

Meditation Music and Space Design

If you are looking for music and space design for mediation, we recommend 【RELAX WORLD】’s videos known for their footage of beautiful nature and music on U-NEXT and dTV.

Companies that have introduced meditation into their workplace

Let us list some companies that have introduced meditation for organization renovation.



Mediation is a concept that focuses on the moment, meaning a total “focus on one thing.”
Atheletes might call it “being in the zone.” Meditation has been introduced into the major companies listed above and we highly recommend that you put it into practice, too.



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